Miskolc Bartok Plus Opera Festival | Bartók Plusz Operafesztivál

[CITY]Miskolc … Hungary
[SCHEDULE]2020:6.12 … 6.20

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Miskolc located in the northeastern part of Hungary, about 2 hours by express train from the capital Budapest, is the third largest city in Hungary. After the WWⅡ, it developed as an industrial city with a complex base under the economic system “COMECON – Council for Mutual Economic Assistance” by Soviet Union.

On the other hand, it is known as a gathering place for famous tokai wine. Also, in addition to the Diosgyori Castle built in the Middle Ages, there are Miskolctapolca Cave Bath and Lillafüred on the shore in the suburbs. Opera festival that is taking place in early summer in such a city. Founded in 2000, it is relatively new.

Hungary’s representative composer Bartók Béla is the core of the project, with the theme of “Bartok + …” on the theme of “Bartok + Verdi”, “Bartok + Paris”, and so on. Once a worldwide soprano singer from Hungary, Eva Marton served as artistic director. In addition, there are many world-class guest performers.

It mainly focuses on opera performances in theaters, but there are also opera performances at the World Heritage Caves of Aggtelek Karst. Also, since 2016, an opera composition competition has been held once every two years during the festival.

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