Handa Opera on Sydney Harbour | Handa Opera on Sydney Harbour

[CITY]Sydney … Australia
[SCHEDULE]2022:3.25 … 4.24

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Handa Opera is an outdoor opera held every March at a special venue in Sydney Harbor. Founding is 2012. One opera is performed every year.

It takes place in the premises of Royal Botanical Gardens, the stage is set to protrude into the bay, and about 3000 seats are set up in front of the stage.

In the background of the stage, the night view of the famous opera house, the Harbor Bridge, the skyscrapers, and the venue itself is also packed with a wonderful atmosphere, becoming a new hot spot.

The thing that is changing is that the pit of the orchestra is set under the stage. The acoustic design is done so that the performance falls down to the audience through hundreds of hidden speakers.

The performance is performed by the national opera company “Opera Australia”. The staging is being performed by the Spanish theater group La Fura dels Baus, led by Àlex Ollé.

The performance starts at 7:30 pm. The lineup from 2012 to 2018 is “La traviata”, “Carmen”, “Madama Butterfly”, “Aida”, “Turandot”, “Carmen”, “La Boheme” and so on.

There are 6 bars and restaurants in the performance venue. Visitors go to the venue by water taxi, enjoy eating while watching the sunset, and then go to opera, this is the standard style.

In addition to performances, fireworks are also launched. It is a fashionable entertainment of the summer night.

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