Musical Evenings at St Donatus | Glazbene večeri u Sv. Donatu

[CITY]Zadar … Croatia
[SCHEDULE]2022:7.6 … 8.2

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Zadar is a small port town in Croatia. However, the setting sun over the Adriatic Sea is known for making suspense film master Alfred Hitchcock call it “the best sunset town in the world.” It has been registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and was selected as the number one “Best Destination in Europe” in 2016.

Zadar is located on a small peninsula protruding into the Adriatic Sea, with Italy on the opposite bank. It has been attracting attention as a key point since the Roman Empire. Using this city as a stopover, Venice attacked to the Byzantine Empire, defeating the capital Constantinople and gaining commercial hegemony in the eastern Mediterranean.

Because of its history, not only the beautiful cityscape but also various archaeological sites and churches still remain.

Above all, the church of St. Donatus, the main venue for the music festival, is also a landmark of the city. An old Romanesque building that began construction in the 9th century. It has a circular façade and is known for its great acoustics.

The music festival, which runs from mid-July for about a month, uses various buildings in the city as venues.

One of them is the remains of the palace, which was the center of administration and religion during the Roman Empire, which in front of the church of St. Donatus. Concerts are also held at St. Anastasia’s Cathedral in the heart of the city and at the seaside marina.

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