Omi Spring | 近江の春 – びわ湖クラシック音楽祭

[CITY]Otsu … Japan
[SCHEDULE]2021:5.1 … 5.2

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New music festival to start from 2018. The comprehensive producer is the conductor Ryusuke Numajiri, who is the artistic director of the hall. Based on Biwako Hall, we hold various concerts throughout Shiga prefecture.

Four concepts are listed below. To deepen the connection between the hall and the area, bring in the pleasure of the music school festival, respect the feelings of the performers to the utmost and respect the attraction competition, do not use the Tokyo program as it is.

Sticking to thinking of original content is strong, for example, continuous recital by eight singers of May 5 “Singer’s Concert”. The soprano from Okinawa Prefecture, Ryoko Sunagawa enters “Okinawa no Kokoro” and enters Okinawa folk songs in the program.

Afterwards, General Director of the Japan Opera Foundation, Baritone’s Tadamichi Orie also sang a musical, entitled “Singers Life 41 Years, Seven Faces of Tadamichi Orie”.

Also on May 4, “listening to maturity” series. There are eight 40 minutes of performances in the center of instrumental music, but the criteria of casting artists is unique as “more than 25 years since debut.”

In the project of listening to veteran arts, there is a collaboration between Noboru Kamimura of cello and Akiyoshi Sako of piano, and at the recital of violin Yayoi Toda, Numanjiri himself serves as a piano accompaniment.

In addition, They sell outdoor opera “Opera Bonfire” which is the first Biwako Hall. In the first year, in Parcel ‘s “Dido and Aeneas”, about 300 seats are set up in the space called “lakeside squares”, and performances are performed by members of Biwako Hall Voice Ensemble.

There are plenty of programs besides classical music, there are performances of Dharma Budaya Gamelan group, as well as Japanese puppet show “Tomita dolls” performances which are designated as prefecture’s elective intangible folk cultural assets.

Of course, there are also performances of the brass band of the local high school. Also, the interesting thing is getting the theme from the title of the famous opera aria every time. The first one is “I want to live in my dream” from Gounod’s “Romeo and Juliet” is chosen.

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